G2A Loot - FAQ

  • What can I get via game boxes offered on G2A Loot?

    Our game boxes contain several types of items:

    - Games that can be redeemed on Steam

    - Extra Loot Points

    - Discounts on specific games on G2A.COM

    - G2A Plus subscriptions (added to your account on G2A.COM for a certain amount of time, depending on the subscription)

    You can always preview the contents of a game box before you open it.

  • Can games from G2A Loot only be redeemed on Steam?

    Yes, you get Steam keys via G2A Loot. However, they can be activated in any region, there are no restrictions.

  • How can I redeem games from G2A Loot? How much time do I have to do that?

    Click on "My Loot" and go to "Pending Items". This is where you'll find all the games you've obtained. Next, click on "Activate game" and follow the instructions. You have 24 hours to redeem games from G2A Loot.

  • What happens if I don't redeem a game in 24 hours from receiving it?

    It will be automatically returned to G2A Loot and you will receive Loot Points instead

  • Why are the games activated automatically? Why can’t I receive a CD-Key instead?

    Automatic activation ensures that your key is valid and can be added to your Steam library without any hassle. This allows you to redeem the game in a matter of seconds.

  • I got a game that I already have from a game box. What can I do now?

    You can transfer it back to G2A Loot for a certain amount of Loot Points.

  • Can I gift a game from G2A Loot to someone else?

    Games from G2A Loot can only by activated on the Steam account used during activation. You can't gift a game to someone else afterwards.

  • Something went wrong when I was activating a game. What should I do?

    Try these solutions:

    - Wait a few minutes and try to activate the game again.

    - Log out and log back in to your G2A Loot account.

    - Clear the cookies & cache of your browser.

    - Try the incognito mode or a different browser.

    If the problem's still there, contact our Support team.

  • I am using Steam Guard. Does it have any effect on G2A Loot?

    If you have your Steam Guard enabled, you will be asked to type in the code sent to you by Steam via email or mobile app.

  • Are there any limits on buying game boxes?

    You can use the G2A Loot as much as you want. Still, remember that there’s a daily limit on account top-ups. You can do that 10 times a day and the total amount cannot exceed €500. In justified cases those limits can change.

  • I topped up my account, but the balance didn't change. What should I do?

    It can take several minutes to process your payment. If you've been waiting too long, please contact our Support team.

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